Letter: Asking Shaftsbury residents to stand up for our environment

To the Editor:

At Monday's town meeting and on the Tuesday ballot, Shaftsbury can join with dozens of other Vermont towns to send a message and a pledge that we will stand up and protect our one and only world. We'll do that by building only renewable energy, not by adding oil or natural gas pipelines and power plants. We'll do it by meeting periodic goals. (Remember when we were supposed to write a page a day, not 70 pages on the last day of school?) And it asks that we do it in a way that's fair to all. It also asks that we pledge to use less energy here in Shaftsbury, and to support and promote renewable energy here in our own back yard. This issue is very important to me. I'm inspired by the individuals, the small towns, cities, and entire countries all over the world that have thrown themselves into this task, to create a society that will roll along, growing better for the children of each new generation, to replace a society that will burn itself out in a few wild and unthinking generations. Impressive progress has been made, but we are not making it fast enough, and it's a race against the clock, because the damage we do every day cannot be undone. So let's take this step together and show that Vermont is doing its share and more, as it always has.

Bill Christian,



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