Letter: Applauds Senate vote against nuclear bombers


To the Editor:

I was happy to see that during this last legislative session SR5 (the Keep Vermont Nuclear Bomber Free Resolution) passed by a vote of 23 to 7. Thank you to Senators Sears and Campion for being two of the yes votes.

This last session ended with an identical resolution to SR5, HR7 held up in committee. In the next session we need to encourage our Representatives to support HR7 in the same way our Senators supported SR5.

A catalyst to these pieces of legislation is the proposed basing of F35's at the Burlington International Airport, a commercial airport, in a residential neighborhood. This is not an appropriate location for military aircraft which in the near future will have nuclear capabilities. Are you okay with Vermont being a piece in the efforts to ramp up our nuclear capabilities? I'm not.

Many groups around the state plan to stay active on this legislation and similar efforts to grow a peace economy.

Kristin Mack,




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