Letter: Act 46 is what we have to work with

Act 46. Is it a perfect bill? Probably not, but it is what we have to work with. The goals of Act 46 are designed to deliver a more equitable education to all of our children at a more reasonable cost via a common delivery system. It should give teachers protection allowing districts to eliminate over staffing and fill voids without laying off or adding personnel.

The Act 46 committee has made every attempt to protect our community schools from closing and to give individual towns an equal say in decisions that impact the educational system in our community. Rest assured that the state will impose some form of this legislation upon us. If so it is likely that we will have a representative board with Bennington holding 67 to 75 percent of the seats and will have full control over the destiny of our schools. If we vote yes to our model, we have a whole lot more say in the outcome.

Is it perfect? Nothing out of Montpelier ever is. The only question is: Do you want the clowns from up north to define your community or do you want some control over your own destiny? I voted yes. Now It's up to you.

Jon D. Peaslee



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