Letter: Abortion legislation legalizes infanticide


To the Editor:

A quick search on my iPhone gives these results:

"In fan ti cide — the crime of killing a child within a year of birth. Cases of infanticide often involve extreme emotional disturbance; synonym: murder. Also, the practice in some societies of killing unwanted children soon after birth; a person who kills an infant, especially their own child."

Outrage should fill every heart at any legislation which puts out the welcome mat to murder; and that outrage should convert every heart to prayer for Mercy upon our society which is celebrating the killing of our newborn children.

H. 57, in line with New York's recent abominable new law, is a disgrace to our Green Mountain state. Legalizing the murder of a child is not a form of reproductive rights. It is the crime of infanticide.

Laura K. Zink,




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