Letter: A happy ending for SVC story

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To the Editor:

My children's book, "Lady Lucy's Ghost Quest," was released on Oct. 30 in Vermont. Its dedication speaks to believing that phoenixes do rise from the ashes and the "E" on the Everett Mansion gate stands for education. The book is all about making the mansion a place of learning.

How ironic, how prescient, how remarkable that there is an announced possible buyer today — two days later — that would continue the Everett Mansion as a place of learning. The lessons and hopes of the children's book may just be realized.

I am struck by the mission and approach of the private boarding school run by the possible buyer. Its values about personalized education and belief in self were also central to SVC in my day and throughout its history. How remarkable that an institution that is student centered and personalized and recognizes the benefits of a therapeutic approach might just occupy the space SVC occupied. SVC was student focused, deeply personal and caring with excellent student support.

I hope the potential buyer, if the sale proceeds, will think about adding the words "Southern Vermont" to its name somehow. How amazing would that be?

I hope the potential school might consider a few courses that could earn college credits — perhaps affiliated with a nearby college. What a remarkable thing that would be and perhaps a former SVC faculty member could teach such a course?

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I have no sense of the terms of the sale and proceeds to be received but I wish for two things: I wish that the Poses family will be repaid in full and to those who thought and remarked that this was a detached donor, I can share now that that observation is and was way off base and wrong. And I hope the Bank of Bennington gets repaid in full too. They believed in SVC and its mission and hired its alums. If the sale proceeds and can accomplish these two goals, there will be justice. And if there is anything still owed to faculty and staff (not administration), I hope they are recompensed in full — before anyone else.

I have always believed in the power of the possible. SVC was remarkable and died way too soon. A new educational institution in that space invokes karma. Here's hoping the sale becomes a reality, education returns to the Everett Mansion and some faculty and staff might just be rehired and the Poses family and bank are repaid.



Karen Gross,

Washington, D.C.


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