Letter: A dangerous "safety" island

To the editor:

I'm writing this letter because I and the few neighbors I have talked with are concerned that someone, most likely a driver, is going to get seriously hurt running into the "safety" island on Route 67A located in front of the Bennington College entrance.

The island was installed this spring and may have made it safer for pedestrians to cross but unfortunately it has also made going around that particular bend in the road more dangerous for vehicles, especially if you are not familiar with that stretch of road.

Since the island was installed numerous vehicles have run into it. you can tell that by all the black tire marks on both sides of its curb. In face there were so many tire tracks that the paint on the islands bright yellow curb was just recently re-coated and it's not even six months old.

I did happen to pass the island once this when I witnessed a police officer trying to help a couple whose car was stuck, sitting on top of it. Another time I saw a northbound 18-wheeler truck drive on the wrong side of the island just so it could make the turn to Bennington College.

I am not an engineer but the signs are there for all to see. Someone is going to get badly hurt if that island is not removed and replaced with another safety measure for the pedestrians. Snow cover in winter could be particularly dangerous.

— Sandy Sumner

North Bennington


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