Letter: 1 racist vandal vs. 125 happy patrons


To the Editor:

There were actually two important stories in the racist graffiti incident at Oldcastle Theatre.

One is that someone in the dark and unwilling to show themselves carried out an act of racist vandalism. Encouraged, perhaps, by President Trump's words and policies, hate crimes are rising. That's the way the Nazis began to persecute the Jews before the Holocaust: by stirring up existing German anti-Semitism.

The second, more hopeful story, is that hours later, an audience of about 125 came out to Oldcastle for the very talented Ghanian musicians and dancers. The audience loved the performance and had a great time.

That wonderful turnout was not a response to the vandalism — most people in the audience did not know about that. It was about the interest people had in what the artists were presenting.

By my reckoning, that means one racist vs. 125 people for whom race was not the point.

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship and Oldcastle were proud to present Saakumu and pleased at the nearly full house.

Charles Putney,




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