Letter: Keep Woodford out of school merger

To the Editor:

I have lived in Woodford over 43 years. My two daughters have gone to the Woodford School and I am a former school board member and was PTG president. I hope you will join me in voting no to the school merger on January 9.

My reasons for voting no are:

1. So far, research has shown our school is a community school and not owned by a school district. If this merger passes, our school will then belong to the new district and we have no control over the future of our school building and students. The board can close the school, sell the building and all money goes into that new school district. The document that was written by the committee is not binding because the new board will be writing and passing policies. If the state closes our school we still have control over what happens to the building, and if sold, the money is Woodford's. If you are voting for the merger, please consider this. The state under the Act 46 guidelines cannot force us to merge. Three towns out of five in the Supervisory Union have said we don't want to merge. I hope Woodford voters vote no — it will save our local schools and school boards.

2. We are already meeting 85 percent of Act. 46. Other schools like Marlboro were allowed to keep their school and their board. If you go online you will probably find the list of schools.

3. A Bennington school board subcommittee recommended that they follow the rules of Act 46 to show the Bennington school district meets the criteria of Act 46. But the majority of the board overruled the committee and voted to ask the commissioner to merge the district even though they knew they had lost the five-town vote.

4. If this merger passes, if you think our school tax is high now, hang on, because Woodford will be receiving the biggest increase.

5. We are working with Pownal to do our field trips using their bus and driver. If this merger passes this will end.

Thank you for reading this. I know everyone has their own feelings on this merger I hope you join me in voting no, if not I respect your opinion.

Keep Woodford strong.

Susan Hoag



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