Hubbard opens ‘Two by Albee'

Wednesday January 18, 2012

CAMBRIDGE, N.Y. -- The Theater Company at Hubbard Hall is taking its audience out of the box, or at least out of Hubbard Hall, with its short production of "Two by Albee" -- comprised of the two one-act plays "The Zoo Story" and "The Sandbox" -- opening Friday, Jan. 20, for a two weekend run in the Freight Depot Theater.

The production will run through Jan. 29, with Friday and Saturday performances at 8 p.m., and Sunday performances at 2 p.m.

"'The Zoo Story' and ‘The Sandbox' are two brilliant very early works of Edward Albee, both family tragi-comedies, but otherwise completely different," John Hadden, theater company artistic director, said in a recent email interview. "They set up two distinct artistic voices Mr. Albee was to mine for the next 40-odd years. One is realistic and the other surreal -- a strange realism and a true-blue abstraction."

Albee, a modern master of the theater, is known for his emotional, if sometimes surreal, view of the world.

"I'm beginning to think that love and betrayal are the only themes -- and betrayal is a subset of love, so love is all there is -- and these (plays) are both full of love, the loss and discovery of love, but not in the usual boy-meets-girl sense," Hadden said. "This is about the deeper feelings of longing for family and home in the world."

"The Zoo Story" cast has Doug Ryan playing Peter and Robert Forgett playing Jerry. "The Sandbox" cast includes Christine Decker as Grandma, Sylvia Bloom as Mommy, Forgett as Daddy, Duncan Gamble as the young man (the "Angel of Death"), with John Batchelder providing music accompaniment on the viola.

"'Zoo Story' left me thunderstruck and maybe changed my life when I first saw it in 1970. It is still a heartbreaker, an eye-opener," Hadden said. "I've never done ‘Sandbox' and I find it far more beautiful and outrageous than when I first saw it on the page."

The Freight Depot Theater is located off East Main Street, behind Hubbard Hall (25 East Main St.). Tickets are $20, $15 for students. For information call 518-677-2495 of visit

-- K.D. Norris


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