Gary Swing: Boiling Frog Party hops into Vermont politics

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I'm just a small frog from a large pond. I think outside the bog as I leapfrog into the dismal swamp of electoral politics.

I need three Vermont residents to be frogidential electors to get on the ballot as the Boiling Frog Party candidate for President of Vermont. Email for details.

WTF?!? — Why the Frogs?

Quoting Dr. Kerry Kriger, the Founder & Executive Director of SAVE THE FROGS!:

`When we save the frogs, we're protecting all our wildlife, all our ecosystems and all humans.'

We are in the midst of the Sixth Mass Extinction of animal species, resulting from human impact on the ecosystem.

About 58 percent of the global wildlife population of vertebrate species has died off since the first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970.

Vertebrate species are animals that have backbones. This includes mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish. Invertebrate species are spineless creatures like jellyfish, sponges, tape worms, leeches, sea urchins, insects, and members of Congress.

Meanwhile, the Earth's human population has more than doubled since 1970, from 3.7 billion to 7.7 billion people. Per capita ecological footprints have dramatically overshot the sustainable limits of growth. The Living Planet Report ecological overshoot study estimates that the Earth could not sustain a population of more than 1.5 billion people if the average person on Earth had as much environmental impact as the average person in the United States does today.

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About one third of frog species worldwide are now threatened with extinction as their habitats are destroyed. As ecological indicator species, frogs are especially sensitive to changes in both aquatic and terrestrial environments.

The Boiling Frog Party seeks to unite amphibious citizens of the world who prefer to have the thermostat turned down slightly on the global hot tub we all share, before we all croak.

The Boiling Frog Party is concerned about global warming, stovetop warming, amphibian rights, preservation of endangered species, water pollution, conservation of wetlands and other natural habitats, human overpopulation, and the disturbing habit of Peruvian street vendors sticking live frogs in blenders.

We demand a global ban on restaurants serving frog legs. It's time to end this holocaust of amphibian amputation!

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The United States is a nation of sheep, ruled by wolves for the benefit of pigs. Congress is a den of vipers. All we are saying is give frogs a chance!

Other politicians claim to represent the people. I strive to represent the neglected interests of frogs and other endangered species whose continued existence is gravely threatened by human impact on the environment.

The Boiling Frog Party advocates Respect for Biological Diversity concerning sentient beings of all species. We must all swim together to preserve our wetlands for our tadpoles, and for our tadpoles' tadpoles.

People ask me why I'm running for President of Vermont.

I don't plan to run, per se.

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Running takes too much effort. It's hard on the knees.

I prefer to walk. If I get tired of walking, I may relax in a hot tub and sip a pina colada.

Maybe I'll try standing for office.

Perhaps I should stand FOR something. Like nonviolence, ecology, social justice, respect for biological diversity, personal and global responsibility. You know, stuff like that.

Sometimes, I might feel like standing AGAINST things. Things like war crimes, environmental destruction, mass extinction of animal species, mass incarceration, and restaurants serving frog legs.

The Boiling Frog Party: because there's more to life than just freezing toads. Come on in. The water's fine!

For more information about the Boiling Frog Party, see

Gary Swing describes himself as a perennial political gadfrog. He was a Green Party candidate on Colorado's ballot four times from 1996 to 2014, and on Arizona's ballot three times from 2012 to 2018. He lives in Denver, Colorado.


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