Experienced squad to lead Patriots

BENNINGTON — Mount Anthony girls soccer coach Mark Boudreau got an early look at what his team is about in their opener on Saturday.

They led 2-1 with a minute left against Essex before the Hornets scored in the final seconds to tie the game and send it to overtime.

"I thought we had the win and then we didn't," Boudreau said. "Right off the bat, we had to find out what we're made of."

MAU rose to the challenge as Cat Worthington scored two minutes into overtime for a 3-2 win.

"We showed a lot of character to figure out what happened and come back," Boudreau said.

The Patriots are young, yet have a good amount of experience. There are 10 seniors, including Olivia Salem, who tore her ACL in the summer league and will be out for the season.

Anna Salem started the season on a strong note with a pair of assists and will play all over the field for MAU.

"Anna was an offense as a sophomore and then we changed her to defense as a junior, this year, she's in the defensive midfield, but she can play anywhere and be effective," Boudreau said. "She transitions well, shoots well and she's always around the ball and involved."

Senior Kaidin Gauthier looks to be strong again in 2017 on the offensive side and Salem leads an experienced back line with seniors Bridget Keenan, Kendra Morrissey and Maddisyn Kinney.

Two underclassmen, Sam White and Isabelle Small, have tons of experience at the varsity level in lacrosse, something that can translate well to the soccer pitch.

The Patriots have 23 players on the roster, but the combination works.

"Couple the experience with the fact that the product never changes, no matter who we send in and out," Boudreau said. "We rotated all those girls in, they played five, eight, 10 minutes and they fit right in. It was fun to see. We'll have fresh legs."

There are some newer, younger faces too, with six sophomores and freshman Antonia Pellon. Boudreau wouldn't keep a freshman on varsity unless they will contribute, and Pellon has already done that, playing about half the game and scoring a goal against Essex in the opener.

"She's going to get quality minutes, she's got lots of speed and she's not afraid of mixing it up on the field," Boudreau said. "She's got a nose for the goal and she's coachable."

Madison Breese is in her second season as a goalkeeper on the varsity for Boudreau, earning a win in her first start on Saturday.

Boudreau said that the Marble Valley League will be tough, with defending Division I champions Burr and Burton back and teams like Rutland and Brattleboro on the rise.

"BBA is good, Rutland was young last year and Brattleboro, [coach] Edwin [De Brujin] always gets the best out of his team," Boudreau said.

MAU continues the season on Thursday in the opening round of the Lady Patriot Classic against Brattleboro at 7 p.m.

The roster includes: Taylor Andrews, Madison Breese, Rachael Jones, Maddisyn Kinney, Avery Galle, Jordan Mattison, Emma Arlotta, Bethany Hassett, Keana Gauthier, Carolin Musinski, Emma Salem, Rebecca Crosier, Alyssa Bullett, Anna Salem, Kaidin Gauthier, Kendra Morrisset, Bridget Keenan, Colleen Ahearn, Cat Worthington, Isabelle Small, Sam White, Olivia Salem, Kaity O'Brien and Antonia Pellon.


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