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BENNINGTON — It's 150 seconds of pure adrenaline and there's only one shot to get it right.

For the Mount Anthony dancers, Saturday's trip to the New England championships boils down to a perfect 2 and a half minute routine.

"That's our time to put on a show," said senior captain Brianna Murray. We have one chance and that's it. We have to give it our all, that performance [could be] the last one. We need to go out on the floor, try to contain ourselves and not go too fast, you can get a lot of anxiety going."

This is the third year in a row that Mount Anthony has competed at the New Englands. In 2018, MAU was 10th in Pom and in 2017, they were 10th as well.

For an experienced group of seniors, it's a chance to represent Mount Anthony and Vermont one last time.

"I think it's a big opportunity to represent our school, it means we are good enough and we made it on our own," Murray said.

The team has been using the same base routine for the entire season, with many tweaks and changes along the way.

"We always do this routine in competition, but we've changed it a lot," said senior captain Savannah Rogers. "The parts we know we hit right on. A lot of girls know it's the last time for them, we want to improve from last time."

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The third senior captain, Marissa DeJesus, said winning would be amazing, but that's not the only goal.

"It's truly about our passion for dance," DeJesus said. "There's so much experience on this team, a lot of seniors that have been on the team for three or four years."

Mount Anthony coach Erica Cummings said the nerves can be crazy.

"The dancers are trying to deal with staying on count, in formation, while engaging with the audience and the judges to perform it," Cummings said. "It's 2 and a half minutes of make it or break it, so we just have to go out and give it everything."

There's a hundred things that can go wrong, so Cummings told her team to just go out and enjoy it.

"They [the judges] can tell if you're enjoying it. You can practice 100 times and not know how it's going to go," Cummings said.

Having a run of New England appearances has the team, especially the younger members wanting to continue it for years to come.

"Our personal goal at New Englands is to be better than the year before," Cummings said. "They want to make it again and again. It's a great honor for us."

Mount Anthony's routine will be second after the intermission, scheduled for 2:39 p.m. on Saturday. For results, go to newenglandsports.com


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