Bob Stannard: Bring in the white sand


I am he as you are he as you are me /And we are all together/See how they run like pigs from a gun/

See how they fly/I'm crying

- "I Am the Walrus" — The Beatles

Our ever-merciful "Dear Leader" is at it again. In what might be considered to be yet another slight of hand to distract us from the impending doom of the disaster known as Deutsche Bank, he has put forth a new plan for the immigrants for which his cruelty knows no bounds. Kids who are sick and possibly dying are being told to they have a month to leave. It's been America's position that, for the sake of humanity, children in need; no matter who they are or why they're here were allowed to stay if they're sick.

The cruelest president in our history has decided that he has not been quite cruel enough. Separating families with no plan to ever rejoin them; caging kids and depriving them of being able to bath or brush their teeth apparently was just the tip of the melting iceberg of one man's hate for humans. He's upping his game. Kids who are here through no fault of their own and have cancer are now being told that they have a month to get out.

The question that begs to be asked is "is our president truly this evil, or does he believe that you are"? Would this cruel president be imposing this level of inhumane treatment onto children if he didn't think that his base loved him for it? It appears as though that the more horrible and horrifying this president's conduct and decisions become the more his base shouts and cheers; much like the crowds that gathered at the Rome Colosseum years ago.

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Back then the emperor demanded that the world's whitest sand, found only in Africa, be brought in so that the screaming, cheering spectators in the upper seats could clearly see the blood. Did that emperor care? Maybe, maybe not, but he knew that THEY cared and that was all that mattered. Do whatever it takes to keep that base happy, because when the day comes that they turn on you there's a good chance that they won't need the white sand. They won't be in the nosebleed seats. They'll be standing right over him and it's that image that might have caused the emperor to lose sleep.

The information that Deutsche Bank holds over this president may be what keeps him awake at night. The threat of that information becoming public may be behind decisions like robbing tens of million from our emergency management agency to be used for his Quixotic wall. It may be behind today's news where we've learned that he will pardon those who work for him if they break the law to help him get the wall going. He knows his "Build the Wall" chant is what helped elect him and other than repairing existing walls there's been zero progress on the wall in the past three years. Will the crowds cheering for more blood on ultra-white sand demand his blood if the wall, which in all likelihood will not be built, is not built?

Of course, he will blame others. Always, ALWAYS blame others for your failures; your weaknesses. When it's all you have left it's what you have to do. Not to worry. His base will forgive him, because it's not his fault. His base will forgive him for the increased cost of our goods due to his tariffs. His base will forgive him as our farmers are hurting and in some cases folding. His base will still support him even though coal miners are losing their jobs after he announced with great fanfare that coal would make a grand resurgence. Or will they?

His base might still hang with him as long as he ups his cruelty towards those his base fears and/or hates. Sure, Puerto Rico is part of America, but they're brown and we hate brown people, right? Sorry, but the little children dying of cancer are here illegally and have to go. If they die, all the better. That should really gin up the crowds. The applause will be deafening. Don't bother helping poor people here at home with things like a good national healthcare program. Instead keep attacking others less fortunate so that those Americans who are less fortunate will have someone that they can look down upon.

Don't worry about passing any meaningful legislation. Don't worry about humiliating and disgracing our nation on the world stage. Don't worry about climate change. Don't worry about the tariffs disrupting the world economy. Don't pay any attention to the woes continuing to grow here at home.

Don't worry about a thing. Just continue being cruel and bring in the white sand.

Bob Stannard writes a regular column for the Banner.


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