Board talks trucks, Morgan Spring

BENNINGTON — A Bradford Street resident wants tractor trailers for a water bottling company to use the Bennington Bypass when drivers go to draw water from Morgan Spring.

Some residents have expressed concern over increased traffic and idling trucks as they draw water from the artesian spring on Bradford Street.

William Stewart told Select Board Members on Monday that he's seen numerous trucks travel through the downtown via Route 9 instead of taking the bypass, or Route 279.

"They take a right on Route 9 and come all the way from west end of town, through Old Bennington, all the way to the east end of town," he said.

"The bypass is a stone's throw from the aquifer," he said. "Why aren't we making the trucks use the bypass instead of driving through downtown?"

Chairman Tom Jacobs said the rules for tractor trailers in the downtown wouldn't be changed, noting a lot of them come through because they need to serve businesses downtown.

Vermont Pure, now owned by Crystal Rock, signed a 20-year contract with the town in 2003 and can each week take up to 500,000 gallons of water from the artesian spring water cap on Bradford Street near the Recreation Center. Water is sold at $0.0075 per gallon. About 12.29 million gallons were drawn in 2016 and netted the town about $80,000.

Jacobs said it's possible to talk with a company representative about arranging to have trucks accessing Bradford Street from only the bypass.

"We might not have the answer you want, but we might have an answer."

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