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The Meat

Aug. 21, 2019

Good morning, foodie friends.

I don’t own a waffle maker, but after this week’s food page, I’m grabbing my 20-percent-off coupon and running to Bed, Bath & Beyond.

I know, dear readers, you’re wondering: “How can the queen of kitchen gadgets not have a waffle maker?” The answer? Will power. I’m a lover of fluffy, delicious breakfast foods, and I’m afraid if I get a waffle maker there won’t be enough Zumba classes this side of the Massachusetts state line to keep my clothes fitting. 

But this delicious falafel waffle has me willing to take the risk. Also, who doesn’t love saying falafel waffle over and over again? But seriously, this falafel was delicious with a crunchy crust that I haven’t been able to replicate in a frying pan so far.
I could also try these dessert carrot cake waffles, or maybe a classic chicken and waffles dinner. 

In other non-waffle related news, the features department recently took a tour of garden columnist Ron Kujawski’s personal garden. It’s 10,000-square feet and as impressive and delicious as you might imagine. Take a tour with us, by watching this fun video that gives a behind the scenes look at our beloved columnist’s back yard. 

If your garden is looking anything like Ron’s, you’ll want to read Robin Anish’s column about cooking with all the fresh vegetables and fruits available to us right now. 

Happy Wednesday!
Lindsey Hollenbaugh
Managing editor of Features

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Learn more about RevenueStripe...

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