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The Meat

July 31, 2019

Good afternoon, foodie friends.

Happy National Avocado Day! In honor of my favorite odd-looking fruit — yes, it’s true, it’s a fruit because it has a pit in it! — I’m going to whip up a slice of avocado toast like any good millennial is bound to do these days. 

Some of you may be saying, “What is avocado toast, dear Lindsey?” Let me let you in on a little culinary secret: It’s literally toast with mashed avocado on it. Done. There, now you’re a foodie fad follower — say that three times. 

I like my avocado toast sprinkled with my beloved Everything Bagel seasoning. I also recently had some excellent avocado toast at Berkshire Mountain Bakery — it was topped with sliced tomatoes, onion and a little Sriracha sauce for a kick. 

Tonight, I might try grilling my avocado, which is supposed to give it a smokey char. Or, for my next party, I’m going to make Robin Anish’s avocado deviled eggs. And I love, love avocado in this summer salad packed with beans and fresh corn

In my family’s quest to find fun stocking stuffers for me, last year someone bought me an avocado slicer, complete with a metal circle fit for pulling out the pit of an avocado. I’ve tried it and I’m here to tell you, just use a knife. My favorite way to do it is to slice the avocado along its length until you feel the pit hit the knife, the circle around and cut directly across your first cut. Then twist the two halves apart, revealing the tasty flesh and the pit. Using your fingers or a spoon, pop the pit out, then gently cut slices into the flesh, stopping your knife when you feel it hit the skin, and squeeze out your cuts while holding the skin side. No need to peel. 

Happy mashing!
Lindsey Hollenbaugh
Managing editor of Features

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