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The Meat

July 24, 2019

Good afternoon, foodie friends.

I ask you this very crucial question: Is there anything more delicious than a ripe tomato sandwich with mayonnaise on white bread with a sprinkling of salt? 

Just thinking about it has my stomach grumbling for all those green tomatoes in my raised garden beds to hurry up and turn red already. While I’m waiting -- not so patiently — I’ll have to just figure out tasty ways to eat sliced cucumbers, which I currently have an abundance of. Recently, I had an oh-so-simple-yet-delicious sandwich that involved farm-fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and a slice of thick New York cheddar cheese on crusty bread with a slathering of mayo. It. Was. Amazing.

Looking to repeat the taste, I found a recipe for a cucumber sandwich with swiss cheese and orange marmalade. Because the combo sounded slightly suspicious to me, I decided to create mini appetizers out of this before committing myself to a lunch option that I might find disgusting. I layered a slice of fresh cucumber with a dollop of marmalade and a square of cheese. The results were sweet, tangy with good crunch and definitely worth going out to get some good bread. 

If you’re looking for ways to use up tomatoes, perhaps Robin Anish’s terrific tomato and basil pie will work for you. Or, you can be the hit of the picnic this weekend with a knock-out sandwich combo using Francesca Olsen’s tips. As soon as my tomatoes ripen. I may up my game with this toasted Parmesan tomato bread

As for all these cucumbers, Robert Luhmann’s easy recipe for tabouli seems like another perfect way to use them up.

Happy summer!
Lindsey Hollenbaugh
Managing editor of Features

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