December 6 is the Feast of St. Nicholas of Myra. This feast day is celebrated the world over by gift giving, primarily to children. The actual date of celebration and giving of gifts varies from country to country, but the genesis of the feast day is based on Bishop Nicholas’ practice of giv…

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Poland’s right-wing government has delayed implementation of a court ruling that would impose a near-total ban on abortions after two weeks of the largest protests the country has experienced since the 1989 collapse of communism.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Tens of thousands of Muslims, from Pakistan to Lebanon to the Palestinian territories, poured out of prayer services to join anti-France protests on Friday, as the French president’s vow to protect the right to caricature the Prophet Muhammad continues to roil t…

We are experiencing very unusual times. How we experience them depends on our perspective. Many people consider this time as an opportunity to make many changes, on a personal level and on a global level. What is your vision for our planet? 2020 is all about vision.

After months of grappling with a pandemic that has walloped New York’s Orthodox Jewish communities, prompting changes to holidays, mourning and prayers, new limits on worship and other activity in some areas are pushing tensions in some neighborhoods of Brooklyn to the boiling point.