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The COVID-19 pandemic has made life more challenging for most of us. And at the same time, many gifts have come from it. Our air is cleaner, people have slowed the pace of their lives down and less gasoline is being consumed, because more people work remotely. I would say that acts of kindne…

When I was 20 I moved to a new city, and I had a terrible time making friends. I felt so lonely I could sit on the porch and howl. I felt trapped in the job I had. One day I made a drawing about my life. I was constructing a bomb shelter, laying up cement blocks to form a “safe” place in my …

Until further notice, the congregation will not meet in person. A link to online Jewish services can be found here:

For Christians, Christmas is the birth of Jesus, one of the two biggest holidays of the year. Jesus, in most of Christianity, is the Christ, the Messiah, the Son of God and God: as the Nicene Creed proclaims, “one in being with the Father.” Jesus and Christ have become synonymous around the world.

Congregation Beth El: welcomes all to their Shabbat service, 10 a.m. Saturday, 107 Adams St., Bennington, and this week will be lead by Lance Wang. Masks are highly recommended for everyone and required if you are not vaccinated. Practicing safe distancing is also highly recommended.

Even when the holiday demands it of us, it can seem difficult to be thankful, to feel gratitude. Disease, death, crime, racism and hatreds, violence, addiction, disasters: these are not far away occurrences. We find them in our own community, perhaps even in our own families, in our own home…

Many of us, including me, find a lot of comfort and strength in the songs, prayers, and poems in the Book of Psalms, like, “The Lord is my Shepherd.” A gigantic stained glass window in the Methodist church here in Bennington, now the Green Mountain Christian Center, shows us Jesus as our Goo…

Jews often pray very early in the morning. The experience of walking to a synagogue in darkness and then feeling the light of sunrise as it is filtered through stained glass is a wonderful experience. In many synagogues the people attending the early service know the prayers well and start o…

The First Baptist Church, located at 601 Main Street, will host Pastor John Brigham at 10:30 a.m. Sunday for a sermon called “Oh, How Blest We Can Be” and Part 2, “Like a Fruitful Tree”

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about honor, what it is, what it means. Some people might react to that with surprise, equating honor simply with moral goodness, with uprightness, with excellence.

BENNINGTON — During the January 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, Christian religious imagery vied with pro-Trump MAGA gear for pride of place. Video and still images show rioters holding actual wooden crosses; others wore shirts with crosses on them and some carried Bibles.

I‘ve heard many sermons so far in my life and spoken many to others and to myself. But the one sermon that changed my life more than any other was spoken by Tom Steffen. Tom was my pastor in high school and beyond and served Second Congregational Church here for many years.

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