I love growing garlic. Here in Vermont, it is best planted in fall because of its need for a dormant period of two months below 40 Fahrenheit degrees. Just as the reality of summer’s end sets in, planting the garlic is like planting the promise of spring. Seeing the little shoots emerge just…

BURLINGTON — Exploring Vermont Dairy Fall 2021, a five-part series offered on Zoom, will introduce youth between the ages of 12 and 18 to a number of different dairy topics, from animal health to use of technology on the farm.


MONTPELIER — The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department is reminding successful bear hunters that a regulation requires them to submit a bear tooth so wildlife managers can collect important information on Vermont’s bear population.

MONTPELIER — Drivers need to be alert and cautious because moose are on the move, according to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. Moose are more likely to be crossi ng roadways at this time of year, especially after dark or early in the morning because this is breeding season for moose.

The grackle appeared early last spring, the day before I put the feeder away (so as not to tempt the bears who would soon be awakening from their winter dens). In the dim light of a cloudy day, this avian visitor seemed at first to be just another blackbird, on the larger side, perhaps, and …

A youngster’s first hunt can mark the beginning of a lifelong passion for the outdoors and a commitment to wildlife conservation. There is no finer time to begin this journey than during Vermont’s upcoming youth waterfowl hunting weekend on September 25 and 26.

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department is seeking volunteers to become ‘Let’s Go Fishing’ instructors to pass on Vermont’s fishing tradition to the next generation of Vermonters. The department will be hosting a one-day training workshop for new instructors on Saturday, September 25, at it…

I put the small brown ant I had mounted (but never identified) under a microscope and peered down at it. Two huge, headlight-like eyes stared back at me. That couldn’t be right; ants don’t have eyes that size and shape. I took the specimen to my professor, who initially waved me off with, “I…

Hunters traveling outside Vermont to hunt deer or elk need to keep in mind that a regulation designed to protect Vermont’s wild deer from chronic wasting disease remains in effect, according to a reminder from the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department.

Hikers climbing the Northeast’s highest peaks will traverse several different vegetative zones along the way. On the summits, they’ll likely encounter plants so hardy that many also grow in the Arctic, thousands of miles to the north.

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