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MONTPELIER — Anyone thinking of violating Vermont’s fish and wildlife laws needs to keep in mind that they cannot just hunt, fish or trap in another state if their licenses are revoked here. Vermont is one of 48 states belonging to the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact, which recognizes f…

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BENNINGTON — Just two weeks after holding a landmark leadership summit for public health and safety attended by Gov. Phil Scott, Bennington College will host U.S. Sen. Peter Welch in the very same building for a town hall-style meeting on April 4.

Blueberries are a popular backyard fruit. Once established, they will provide lots of delicious, healthy berries for many decades with proper care.

MONTPELIER — If you would like to learn how to effectively hunt wild turkey gobblers in the upcoming spring hunting season, consider attending the turkey hunting seminars being offered by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department and volunteer instructors on April 1 and April 19.


BURLINGTON — To be named the Vermont Dairy Farm of the Year is an honor, one befitting a dairy operation that excels in many areas, from sustainable management practices and quality milk production to environmental stewardship and ongoing commitment to promoting the dairy industry.

Wood ashes are a surprisingly useful byproduct of winter heating. In addition to household uses, such as making soap or adding traction to driveways, wood ashes can be used to amend your garden and lawn soils.

With spring creeping closer, our year-round avian residents like cardinals and titmice are already raising their voices. But there’s more than one way to make music, and birds have evolved means for using everything at their disposal to fill our forests with whistles, twitters, and booms – n…

Every morning I go out to the glade outside my windows and leave piles of sunflower seeds in the snow. I call the resulting display of birds and squirrels my winter garden. Each year, the seeds produce a slightly different mix. I always have blue jays, woodpeckers, mourning doves, chickadees…

Ask a farmer, “When should I prune my apple trees?” and you will most likely hear, “March.” That’s an old tradition — but not because it is the only time to prune. You can prune any time. But March is a month on a farm when not so much is happening outdoors, and farmers have time to prune th…

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