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I was absolutely disgusted when I read an article in the Banner concerning the Vermont Principals Association banning a school from participating in any sports programs in the future because of them forfeiting a girls' basketball game because the team they were to play had a transgender student on that team.

It's none of the VPA's business who does or doesn't play on any team. There is no female that can fairly compete with a male in head to head sports. Women's sports have been working very hard for many years to get their programs funded at all levels so that the boys and girls programs are as equal as possible. The VPA is totally opposing this effort.

For the sake of all of our children please realize that girls should not have to compete with boys. If a boy can't make a boys' team, he should not have the ability to participate on a girls team. Seems pretty simple to me. VPA has always found a way to butt-in where they have no business. Let's be fair to all athletes and not encourage this crazy effort to go any further. Boys are boys, and thankfully, girls are girls.

Greg Palmer



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