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I am tired of being called a climate change denier when I tell these accusers that the climate is always changing. It's cyclical. When I was a young man, we were concerned with the re-occurrence of an ice age, then it was global warming, and now it's climate change. Can you imagine the billions of dollars made by unscrupulous entrepreneurs on this subject - it sounds like a scam.

So, we try to reduce our carbon footprint through successful efforts in the manufacturing of "clean" product assemblies and components, but we should not forget that our food crops require carbon to survive.

Our priorities appear to be confused. Should we not consider the more important requirement for sustaining life on our planet earth - clean potable water?

In the early 1950s, the drinking water in and around Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, was deemed to contain a host of toxins. Thirty years later in the early 1980s, the powers-to-be deemed this water harmful to humans. Forty years later, in 2022, our Pres. Biden signed a new law that offers these aged, sick and dying citizens a monetary settlement. Somebody should be held accountable for this malfeasance for these delays, and where were our priorities?

The latest insanity of mis-prioritizing, and misappropriation is the illegal migration of millions of people into our country who are given COVID tests and immunizations, $400 per room, hotel accommodations, cellphones, cash, clothing, education and healthcare, etc. Soon we will be giving them jobs, a car, and the right to vote in our elections - whoops, is that the reason Pres. Biden invited them to come to our country. In this same time period, we have a substantial homeless population; many of them are veterans, physically and mentally ill, some alcohol and drug addicted, that are barely surviving in horrible squalid conditions, near starving and cold as winter approaches. Shouldn't the care of these American citizens be our priority, not illegal aliens?

Perry Green

Manchester Center


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