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Vote, wear a mask, and remain strong

To the Editor:

It’s unquestionable that this year has brought our stripes to bear. We have all been summoned to roll up our sleeves and play a part in this war against the pandemic. We have lost much. Hugs from our grandparents, high fives by the locker, celebrations. Our weddings have been postponed. Our funerals have been more lonesome than anyone could have ever imagined. Our graduations passed without fanfare.

In a few days our election will be over and who knows where we will be as a nation.

But we are Bennington! We have been triumphant since this nation’s birth! We will stand strong in the footsteps of our town’s ancestors and we will not only survive, we will be triumphant once more!

We are neighbors and friends. We will gather again (once it’s safe) and break bread.

Until then, thank you for voting. Thank you for wearing a mask. And thank you for being kind again. We will get through this and we will be stronger for it. Stay vigilant, we have miles to go before we sleep.

Rachael Fields,


James, Bongartz suited to challenges

To the Editor:

Although our beautiful community has much to be grateful for, we are now presented with unique challenges that will set the stage for future generations. As we adapt to the post-pandemic realities of economic recovery, jobs & workforce housing, school funding, climate change and healing the divisions so maliciously exploited by the current administration, it is critical that we elect representatives and leaders who are up for the task.

Responsibly positioning our community for long-term sustainability while building on Vermont’s strengths and inclusivity are paramount. Kathleen James and Seth Bongartz have the experience, character and dedication to help steward us through these crucial times. Please join us in supporting Kathleen and Seth for state representatives.

Lu & Clark French,


Morrissey serves Bennington well

Letter to the Editor:

We are writing to express our support for Mary Morrissey’s re-election. During the years we have known Mary, she has continually shown her dedication to the community. Whether it’s local and state government, church or school functions, Mary is always there to support, act, question, research and respond. It doesn’t matter what political party you align with...service to all is engrained in her heart and soul. She ALWAYS goes above and beyond.

An example: When COVID first came to the area and we heard about shortages of PPE at hospitals, including SVMC, we wrote to all our legislators and political representatives, from local representatives right up to the White House, asking for help in supplying these much needed items to protect our health care workers. Mary was not only the first to respond to us, she contacted the hospital to get a list of what was needed, and then contacted the governor’s office for help. The result was that the Vermont Emergency Management Team put together a very large order of PPE to send to SVMC. The turn-around time between when we contacted her and when this was set up? ONE DAY!

Her passion for her hometown and devotion to the community are clear in the service she has provided over the years and her willingness to continue to tackle the issues of our town. She truly understands the soul of the community.

Tierney and Mark Beck,


Drive-thru food drive was a success

To the Editor:

A big thank-you to all who helped make last weekend’s food drive at His Pantry such a big success! We are deeply grateful to RSVP for organizing and running the event, for all the wonderful volunteers who gave of their time and energy, and especially for the generosity of the community as a whole. Through your contributions, help and kindness, we are able to provide more healthy, nourishing food supplies to our neighbors in need. Kind regards and blessings to all.

Joni Charbonneau,


The writer is the volunteer director for His Pantry at Sacred Heart St Francis de Sales.

Harwood offers different perspective

To the Editor:

This is a letter to urge the voters of Bennington-3 to send Victor Harwood to Montpelier. I am fortunate to know Victor as a classmate, a neighbor and a friend. I know he is knowledgeable and keen on issues of veterans and senior citizens, he has his finger on the political pulse and will reach across party lines to get results.

This is a time when many of our elected officials take their own agendas to Montpelier and not yours. He will listen and he will act. If you want the same old, same old, then vote for the other guy. If you want action and a different perspective, then vote for Victor. He beat me in the election because he’s not as cantankerous as I am and that alone deserves your vote.

Francis E. Kinney,


Nigro demonstrates effective leadership

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to encourage you to vote for Mike Nigro for state representative.

Having spent multiple years working on a team of supervisors managed by Mike Nigro, I have seen firsthand his strengths as a leader. Working in healthcare, we often faced significant challenges in providing the best care. Mike has always taken a measured approach to all problems that arose and always encouraged our team to view different sides to complex issues.

He always focused on our goals and mission, and most importantly put the needs of our clients first. As a leader, in the workplace and in our community, Mike has always strived for greatness. His work ethic is unlike any other. Mike always worked hard, and expected his team to work hard. Above all, Mike honorably cared about clients, employees, and co-workers.

The leadership I experienced when working with Mike would be a great benefit in the legislature. I believe Mike would listen to voters, view every side of the issues facing our community, remain focused on the needs of our community, and work hard to best represent the people of Bennington.

Mike Nigro would serve Bennington District 2-2 well.

Alex Figueroa,



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