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To the Editor:

On Election Day 2022, the citizens of Vermont will vote on Proposal 5. This proposed amendment to Vermont’s constitution has nothing to do with reproductive liberty, rights, or autonomy. Those are merely deceptive phrases which attempt to legitimize the destruction of human life once it has been reproduced. HR.57 already removed protection from preborn children, while providing legal protection to those who kill them.

The majority of Vermont’s elected representatives use the trite phrase when referring to abortion, “I believe in a woman’s right to choose.” To be logically consistent, do you support a woman’s right to choose to kill her neighbor because she now finds him or her to be inconvenient? To choose to transport her infant without a child car seat or seat belts? To choose to leave her dog in the car on a hot day with the windows rolled up? Do you believe in a man’s right to choose to allow his child to be carried to full term?

We are all free to make choices, right or wrong. However, the law imposes punishments when our “right to choose” infringes upon the rights and choices of others. Our laws ought always provide equal protection and the right to life, liberty, and justice for all persons. We must never pass laws which tolerate the shedding of innocent blood.

We must uphold the sanctity of life for all persons, regardless of age, size, or physical characteristics. Vote no to Prop 5 on Election Day, 2022.

Martin Green,



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