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To the Editor: In a small town, we aren’t just government officials and citizens. We are family, neighbors and friends. In order for a small town like ours to work well, we must always remember that we are neighbors first. Were we may strongly disagree today on a given issue, we will find ourselves as allies tomorrow when a different issue arises. We cannot afford personality politics, nor can we afford the growing culture of impulsive public shaming and blaming we often find ourselves in. The present Select Board has done tremendous work over the past year to improve this culture, and we are seeing the positive results. Keeping the consistency of this present board is the best path forward to preserve our good progress.

I am extremely proud, honored, and grateful to be part of this current select board. This is the best, most productive, and most cohesive board I have seem in all my years in Pownal. Ron Bisson and Angie Rawling have served this town honorably for literally decades. Ronnie's experience, common sense, knowledge of our town and government, and his defense of the rights of our citizens has been unwavering and resolute. Angie, as the first ever woman chair of the Pownal Select Board, has brought back a level of respect, control, professionalism, and dignity that definitely shows her many years of experience on the Pownal’s school board. She is the best board chair I have seen in Pownal. Lets keep moving forward.

Please join me in re-electing these 2 to a highly productive and community-minded select board.

Please view my full endorsement with the video link below (2 and an half minutes):

Vote yes on the town hall

Please vote yes on the town hall. This so important to the future of our town, and essential for Pownal’s future. Rallying in support of the town hall can and should be a unifying issue for all of Pownal. Please vote yes on the town hall, and if you are not convinced yet, please view my thoughts on this in the video below (7-minute video):

Bob Jarvis,


The writer is a member of the Pownal Select Board.


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