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To the Editor: Pownal has five candidates for three Select Board seats. Three are running for re-election. I was a candidate, but stepped down after asking myself who were the best candidates. I was fourth on my list. Why? If you look at Pownal and its government right now, it is the best we’ve seen in years.

Wonderful things are happening. The audit is over (all good), the new Town Hall is ready to be built  (let’s do it), new committees are forming and residents are joining (exciting to see), grants are being applied for (making a difference ), and ideas are forming (share yours). Zoom, FB Live and CAT-TV are keeping us safe while keeping us informed. Watching our Select Board meetings, we see members working together in a professional way, discussing subjects, hearing each other and the community and having some light moments of bantering, (makes us smile).

The board is getting the normal work done and addressing other issues competently. The board added a town liaison who has helped our town move ahead. Organizing, preparing, researching and applying for grants and keeping things moving (fantastic work). There is a true sense of community in Pownal. Everyone is pitching in and helping out. Great teamwork and collaboration. Good job Pownal!

Here’s some questions: Do we want to stop this momentum? Do we want to take key board members out of the mix and replace them? What would this mean? I think it is fair to state Pownal’s positive movement would seriously slow down, if not stop. The adjustment period of a new board mix alone would take precious time to get up to speed.

Then there are the difference in opinions on how to govern. Rather than continue with the system we have in place now, the two new candidates are in favor of hiring a town administrator. One stated the TA should have the power to hire and fire at their discretion. Do we really want to give that amount of power to one person? Shouldn’t our Select Board be making these decisions?

We need to put our support behind our current board. Please join me in voting for Angie Rawling, Bob Jarvis and Ron Bisson — putting unity back in community.

Joyce Held,



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