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To the Editor: A few decades back, we'd talk about "American can-do spirit," the idea that when we had to, we could roll up our sleeves and do what needs to be done. Recent estimates about the slow roll-out of the vaccine put that concept to shame.

"We don't have enough nurses to give all those shots?" That seems ridiculous. I'm certain that I could be taught to give a shot and to watch for side effects with a two day course, and I'm squeamish and not that smart either. I do NOT claim I'd be a nurse in two days. I'm married to a nurse and know I could never be a competent one.

Same thing with production. "We don't have enough low-temp fridges, we don't have enough glass vials." Really? During World War II, we designed and tested a dozen completely new planes in under a year, and built them so fast they could have flown to Europe 24 hours a day within sight of each other. And we taught housewives (this was the 1940s and factory work was new to most women) to build them because the men were fighting. Look at a B-29 Superfortress bomber, then look at a glass vial and a low-temp fridge. Really?

Where has our American Can-Do spirit gone? We need to find it and bring it back. That means uniting, working together, winning. American can-do spirit.

Bill Christian,

North Bennington


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