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Too many crime stories

To the editor: I've noticed how the Banner obsesses over crime on the front page. Not a day goes by that there isn't murder, drugs and mayhem. And if Bennington doesn't have a hot juicy story - you run some other town's crime. The Banner is a local paper, and you even go to national news to whip up the crime angle on the front page of the Banner. And yet today (Nov. 28), on Page 2 (why not on Page 1?), "Vermont ranks the safest state in the U. S.".

I get all the criminal news. I can stand reading the Washington Post and listening to TV coverage of all the latest hate crimes, mass murders, etc.

I like the idea of living in a small rural place that is safe for the most part. I realize we have a drug problem, and its assorted associates on the loose in Bennington, but it doesn't need to be constantly hammered on the front page day after day. I'm really tempted to cancel my subscription to the Banner because of this constant bad news every damn day. Must you?

Carole Thompson

Bennington, Nov. 28


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