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To the Editor: For the first time in over two centuries, the United States government was threatened with a coup d’etat led by Donald Trump, a fascist cast in the molds of Benito Mussolini and Adolph Hitler — both of whom captured sole command of their nations.

Why did Trump fail where they succeeded? The simple answer is that the European fascists — Generalissimo Francisco Franco of Spain included — had command of their militaries, while Trump did not. With support of the military being essential for a coup d’etat, Trump would have succeeded had he had this support. Not having it, Trump assembled his own army from the horde of fascist-leaning Americans. This was a totally civilian army that, led by Trump, attempted the coup by attacking the U.S. Capitol on January 6th. While it created havoc and deaths, it failed — and ultimately the U.S. Army itself would have intervened to squelch the sporadically armed insurrectionists that stood no chance against a military sworn to serve democracy — a simple fact confirming again Trump’s blindness and stupidity.

Having successfully repelled Trump’s attempted coup, the fact remains that his civilian fascist army survives — while he himself is dethroned. And though the news media give us the bare facts, they do not probe the underlying question: Why, in a long-lived democracy, does a large fascist contingency even exist? The capitalist-controlled media won’t go there, because they cannot acknowledge a failure of capitalism — a non-democratic system of private ownership that, when in crisis, leans toward fascism — as in the Hitlerian takeover of Germany during the 1930s worldwide depression.

U.S. capitalism, evermore troubled by the COVID pandemic, is failing to economically care for the people. Hence their discomfort and anger. Unable to discern between an economic system that’s failing them, and their democratic political system, they attack government, which they perceive as the solitary power. And an attack on democratic government can be nothing but fascist.

The bad news is that, barring a super-strong economic recovery that seems remote, the January 6th riot may not remain an isolated incident.

Andrew Torre,



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