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To the Editor:

I am writing in support of the candidacy of Peter J. Brady, Sr. for Bennington representative, House District 2-2. I think Peter would be a strong and result-oriented advocate for local business and families, while demanding and promoting accountability, transparency and a return on investment.

While serving as our representative previously, Peter voted for $52 million in cuts across the board while still protecting families and small business, as well as putting an end to deficit spending. Peter successfully worked to eliminate the Machinery and Equipment tax, which provided proprietors with additional funds that were better spent by reinvesting in their business (including family businesses).

During his two terms in office, Representative Brady fought for higher wages and lower medical costs for his constituents and residents of the State of Vermont. He supported a higher minimum wage along with the Mental Health Parity legislation that became state law. The Mental Health Parity legislation provides for physical as well as mental health benefits and coverage. Today, this legislation often provides for coverage for the cost of rehabilitation. Representative Brady had 3 pieces of legislation signed into law by Governor Howard Dean in his last term in the legislature.

One of the issues that is most important to me is the debate surrounding a “woman’s right to choose.” This is deeply personal issue, which has no place in government or our judicial system, and we are facing a dangerous challenge to the constitutional guarantee afforded by Roe v. Wade. With the recent loss of visionary Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg and the irresponsible fast-tracking of her “replacement” with Amy Coney Barrett, this challenge is stronger than ever. History has shown us that if this right is not provided as a safe and legal option (along with the availability of birth control) abortions will not only continue to occur, the number will rise, and the procedure will become far more dangerous, expensive and potentially lethal to women. Representative Brady has a record of protecting that right and has expressed a willingness to codify such language into Vermont's Constitution. Peter says “no one likes abortion but there are times when it becomes necessary. That is a decision between a woman and her doctor. Government needs to stay out of it.”

I have known Peter for a long, long time. A loyal and forward-thinking friend and family man, he always has Bennington's best interests at heart. Peter LOVES Bennington and sees the incredible potential of our town. Let’s send him back to work for us in Montpelier. Vote Brady!

Lisa Higgins,



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