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To the Editor:

Why is Vermont’s rental housing so expensive in relation to income? Why are neighboring states’ economies much better than Vermont’s? Why are Vermont’s taxes near the highest in the country? Why does Vermont rank as the least friendly business state? Why is Vermont the most expensive state for retirees? This is not by accident nor a coincidence. The truth is the progressives’ policies are failing Vermont.

People are struggling more now than any period in my lifetime. Food shelters are struggling to meet demands. The legislators completely undermined our governor by overriding his veto of the Global Warming Solutions Act because he realized it was going to hurt lower and middle income families. Then the Democrats run an ad saying “Position Vermont for Economic Recovery.” How does that happen with high taxes, expensive housing costs, the loss of good paying jobs, and soon to be unaffordable energy costs?

What is next in their misguided agenda? I sure hope we don’t find out because their economic recovery is just too expensive for Vermont. We need thinking people serving in the legislature, not people who react without thinking out both the positives and negatives of each bill. That is why I support Colleen Harrington and Meg Hansen, two thoughtful and responsible people.

Keith Stern,

North Springfield

The writer is an Independent candidate for state Senate.


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