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To the Editor:

Most Americans would find it unacceptable if they were told that they could only get their news from two sources. “You can only watch NBC or CBS. No other news is relevant.” Or perhaps you are in the market for a new pickup truck. Again, you are only given two choices. “Ford or Toyota. Don’t even think about wasting you money on anything else.” As a beer drinker your choices are, “Budweiser or Heineken. Any other brand is a waste of good hops.” Where to grocery shop? “You can go to Hannaford or Aldi's. Don’t waste gas going anywhere else.” “Taco Bell or McDonald’s if you want to eat out. You don’t want to eat anywhere else.”

Of course, as Americans we refute any notion that we are only given limited choices. Except when it comes to electing the president of these United States. Then it seems that people buy into the idea that, “I can either vote Republican or Democrat.” Both the Republicans and Democrats will tell you that a third party has no place in our political process. As a result in this 2020 election we have two old gentlemen throwing insults at each other. That’s your choices, America. Don’t even look anywhere else.

If you are upset with this business-as-usual politics perhaps it would be a time to look at the Libertarian Party. Dr. Jo Jorgensen is the Libertarian running for president. She is a college professor, married mother of two, and has owned her own business. Everyone will tell you that she can’t win against the millions of dollars the Republicans and Democrats are putting up. It is true that if no one votes for her she can’t win. But wouldn’t it be refreshing to vote FOR someone and something instead of voting AGAINST someone and their antiquated politics.

Jerry Albert,



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