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To the Editor: I am happy to announce that I am a candidate for the SVRTSD Board to represent the Southwest Technical School! When I moved to Vermont, I found my home and a community that I love. I want to be an asset to the people here and their collective prosperity.

I have Tourette Syndrome, and I know many of the challenges people — and students — with disabilities face. I want to be a voice for people with disabilities, as well as marginalized communities that I do not belong to, such as communities of color. I love to listen, learn, advocate, and take action. I am passionate about various issues, ranging from equity to accountability.

I believe that an equitable society is a prosperous society. What might work for one student might not work for another student. Equity for students and faculty with disabilities, of color, and from other marginalized communities is key to improving the level playing field in our schools. I will be on the lookout for programs similar to the late Quantum Leap to encourage successful educational initiatives.

When elected officials take the oath of office, they are making a solemn commitment to public service and the decency that should be so attributed. Transparency, inclusiveness, and punctuality have to mean something. Members of the Technical School Board each receive $1,000 in stipends per year. I want to ensure that there are measures in place to ensure the accountability of our politicians when any members fail to uphold adequate inclusiveness and punctuality.

The best leaders are those who admit that they do not know everything. I understand the importance of listening and learning, as well as being able to disagree without being disagreeable.

With detrimental polarization and a lack of intersectionality, I want to hear from constituents who have concerns or experiences with the SVRTSD Board and Southwest Technical School. I want to earn your vote for the Bennington County Town Meeting Election on March 2nd, 2021!

Know that you will have to request a ballot online or via phone from your Town Clerk’s Office to receive one ahead of Town Meeting Day. The phone number for the Bennington Town Clerk is 802-442-1037 and the Manchester Town Clerk is 802-362-1313. The link to request your ballot online is

Asher Edelson,



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