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I read the recent Banner article on the debate between Joe Gervais, Kathleen James, and Seth Bongartz, all of whom are running for the two seats in Bennington District 4. Mr. Bongartz and Ms. James are the incumbents. Mr. Gervais is a new entrant.

It was enlightening to read Mr. Gervais' very general comments about Jan. 6, 2021, and his presence in D.C. that day. When asked if he was at the Capitol that day, he said he was not. I assume we can believe that.

Mr. Gervais' comments seem to re-hash rumors that have been disproved as regards election fraud. Those rumors stem from the unending barrage of stories made up by the former guy, by Roger Stone, by Steve Bannon and a coterie of people who should know better.

That caused me to re-read Mr. Gervais' August piece in the Banner where, among other things, he states about the Inflation Reduction Act: "The bill funds the IRS to double its workforce, adding 87,000 armed agents to the agency." That statement is alarmist, alarming and patently false.

That story about "armed IRS agents" has been debunked at least a hundred times in the past two months. The current hiring of IRS personnel is due to a decade of budget cuts approved by congressional Republicans that left the IRS with 16,000 fewer employees in 2021 than it had in 2010.

I wonder why a person with Mr. Gervais' background and experience would include such a comment in a letter to the Banner.

Michael A. Keane

North Bennington


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