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To the Editor: Around five weeks ago, the VA Hospital in White River Junction called me to schedule injections 1 and 2 of the COVID-19 Moderna vaccine. Last week, I received the second dose, both injections without serious problems. I asked the nurse administering vaccine 2 if I would have to repeat it at some time in the future, similar to the flu vaccine which I receive annually. She stated that "no one knows at this stage of the product testing, because it takes several years to come to such conclusions." She reminded me that "the FDA has only given an emergency approval to Moderna for the use of their product, because of the dire emergency, specifically to save lives".

As I was leaving the injection site I saw the facility manager and asked him the same question I asked the nurse. He gave me a quasi political response: "President Trump, as a businessman, not a politician, was familiar with fast-tracking. So what should have taken the FDA five to seven years to achieve was done in less that a year, to save lives."

How many lives were saved? First President Trump restricts Chinese travel to the U.S.A. followed by European country restrictions; then fast-tracks vaccines with the cooperation of the private sector pharmaceutical companies saving several hundred thousand lives ... and for these achievements, he is voted out of a second term. Shades of Winston Churchill being voted out of office after winning the war against fascism.

Perry Green,

Manchester Center


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