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To the Editor:

When choosing who to endorse in a House legislative race, it takes a lot of soul searching. I endorse Rep. Cynthia Browning for re-election to Bennington 4 (Manchester, Arlington, Sunderland and Sandgate), because Rep. Browning is not only the most qualified of the candidates running for the seat, but she has integrity and is ethical, as well as always puts her constituents and Vermont first.

Gov. Scott’s support for Rep. Cynthia Browning was proof positive of how important it is to have an excellent legislator hold that seat — one who not only is of a different party, as she is a Democrat, but one who will not put their own ambition first. Rep. Browning is a true woman vote that is needed. Her opponent follows the supermajority at all times and costs voting with her sorority sisters from Emerge. Emerge is an organization that claims to train democrats to run for office but really trains Progressives and Democrats to follow the policies that they want to push in the House, as the Executive Director is also the Majority leader.

We need sophisticated, educated, well-versed legislators who understand details of bills and can truly work across the party lines. Not just the ones who say they can and have no idea how to or even have the intent to. Rep. Browning is always honest with the public. She is an environmentalist and and economist. We are in a pandemic.

To not re-elect Rep. Browning with her long-standing understanding of how the rules and legislature works and to deny her constituency and the residents of Vermont someone who will fight for them and be the voice of reason in debates, always bringing a reality check to others would be doing Vermont an injustice.

I encourage your vote for Representative Cynthia Browning’s re-election to Bennington 4.

Rep. Chris Bates,


The writer represents the Bennington 2-1 district in the Vermont House.


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