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To the Editor:

I am playing on YOUR team. I will always put what is best for the Bennington 4 District first. I will never obey instructions from people in Montpelier if they go against your interests.

We share many of the same policy priorities, and it is easy to make a list of goals for our economy, our environment, and our communities. It is harder to make sure that policies intended to achieve these goals will work: to work policies must be based on reality, not politics or wishful thinking or special interests. It is even harder to find ways to finance programs.

I am the only candidate with the ability to do an independent “reality check” on policy proposals, to be sure that they will be effective and that they are properly financed.

In Montpelier I do my best to be sure that state policies will work for us. I follow the money for you — I am your watchdog.

The only endorsement I really need is YOURS.

If you are in the House District for Arlington, Manchester, Sandgate and Sunderland, I ask for one of your two votes.

My reports, columns, and videos are available at on the policy/reports and media pages. The videos are also at Cynthia Browning Reports on Facebook. You can also contact me at or 802.375.9019 for more information.

Rep. Cynthia Browning,



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