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To the Editor: Pain in all fashion rings the dawn-alarm for so many each morning by becoming the standard Under Armour to the day’s apparel ensemble. Beneath the executive formal wear of the corporate machine, as well as the stained blue-collar strut, lies acute and chronic discomfort that multitudes suffer through daily. Whether engaged with societal normalcy or lost integrity of health utility; added stresses of family and the realistic effervescent airlume of COVID’s wrath exacerbates mental and physical pain in all of us. The later has carved a home in our social-architect that has been eaten away by political termites!

Most diseases and chronic ailments manifest by induction of some kind of inflammatory process. So true is the ever-present social distortion in the United States since the inception of the current administration. Chronicity of devalued tutorials and negativism of provocative thought has plagued our nation at the visceral level; invoking a huge swell and pain deep in the fibers of our democracy. Like all presentations of pain the undeniable anecdote for the US’s ailing foundation of inflaTRUMPmation — is the calming dose of BIDENprophen!

The social and economical radiance of badgering discourse has saturated social media since 2016 with POTUS center-ring! COVID-19’s demonstrous demeanor has been insurmountable and the deep-cut wounds of racial injustice reached its volcanic eruption in 2020, but all without the comfort, guidance and nurturing of the president. The inflammatory antics of POTUS have proliferated across most boundaries of decency; inducing a nation to a state of dis-ease!

Now is the time for real social reformation and healing remedies for Americans! Now is the time that we get back to unified engagement and interaction with a POTUS that we can trust to epitomize the true stance of integrity! Now we’ll have a leader that will place humanity before self and empathy before wealth! True inspiration nestles in the belly of the calm.

Dr. Dennis Walter Smith Sr.,

Seneca Falls, N.Y.


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