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Letter: An open letter to President Trump

To the Editor:

Dear President Trump:

General George Patton, hardly a loser or a sucker, firmly believed that for effective action, those in charge: need to lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.

From your glacial response to COVID-19, your non-response in the area of social justice, your attacks on the Constitution, your lies and deception, your alienation of our allies and your coddling of our enemies, you have adequately demonstrated your inability to lead.

From your disdain of data driven by math, science or history you have more than proven your inability to follow facts. While you were tweeting, Rome has been burning. COVID deaths are approaching 250,000 in our country as you approach the next putting green. Social justice remains unaddressed. Unemployment looms for many. Your response is to say you are not responsible. Accountability is not part of your lexicon. The buck does not stop at your desk — it keeps right on going-as you blame everyone else. Leaders unite, they do not divide.

The people have spoken, and you lost on all fronts. As a reminder:

1) You lost the popular vote by over 5 million,

2) You lost the electoral vote 316 to 232and

3) You lost 12 times in frivolous court cases.

”A great margin,” said the victor in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Now you are sulking instead of facilitating a transition causing great damage to our National Defense and the health of our country in general. The citizens of this country are paying you with their hard earned tax dollars, through mid-January and expect you, and your circle of sycophants (Barr, Pompeo, Graham, etc.), to serve and protect our nation as your predecessors have done for well over 200 years. This is your sworn obligation — anything less might be considered unpatriotic, or worse, treason.

In sum, it is time to prepare for the third option under the Patton doctrine.

Kevin Bisaccio,


An Election Day verse

To the Editor:

Day after day (with not much to do), l immerse in the news (which isn’t too smart). I thought l’d feel better when we voted “JOE” but the ongoing state of affairs breaks my heart.

Joe bested Trump by nearly 6 million (the difference for which there should be no dispute), but millions of Trumpers refute the results, claiming the numbers just do not compute ...

Ten million more than in 2016 voted “TRUMP” (a turnout we didn’t expect). And though Joe soundly beat him by 6 million votes, we yet are denied the entitled effect.

In the run-off, in Georgia, if Democrats win, Harris would then get to break any tie. To affect his agenda, Joe needs the Senate (a result Mitch McConnell surely hopes to deny).

How can it be that we’re on shaky ground, that Trump and his party refuse to concede. Seventy-three and a half million votes (in his mind) defends — absolutely! — Trump’s plan to impede.

“Biden Beats Trump” seemed a bridge way too far, and now that he has, we’re not sure what that means. 01.20.21 feels as distant today as November in ‘20 felt in 2016 ...

Susan Leach,


Scott behaves like a monarch

To the Editor:

When I cast my vote on November 3rd, I voted for a governor, not a king. But Phil Scott, with his latest edicts and his never-ending state of emergency declarations, appears to have appointed himself ruler over all of us peasants.

And why shouldn’t he? Who is to stop him? Certainly not the Vermont legislature. I honestly wonder why we, the taxpaying peasants of Vermont, are paying their salaries? So they can abdicate their responsibility to the King?

King Scott says, “we need to make sacrifices,” to slow the coronavirus spread and ensure hospitals are not overwhelmed. According to there are currently 20 people hospitalized with coronavirus — one in intensive care. How bad off are Vermont’s hospitals that 20 people threaten to overwhelm the system?

Nationally, COVID-19 has a 97.8 percent survival rate. In Vermont, that rate is 98 percent. In terms of deaths per 100,000 population, coronavirus in Vermont has claimed 9.5. In 2018, heart disease, the leading cause of fatalities in Vermont, killed 213 per 100,000. Accidents claimed 69.8 per 100,000, and the flu (despite flu vaccines) took 13.9 per 100,000. Where was the state of emergency then? Shall we shutter indoors until we stop having heart attacks and stay off the roads to eliminate accidents?

So this holiday season as we the sheeple celebrate under the decrees of King Scott — shunning our fellow Americans and cowering in our homes masked in fear — let us give thanks: 2019 marked the 243rd year of the land of the free and the home of the brave. It was a hell of a run.

Brian Vogel,

Manchester Center

Grateful to those who returned wallet

To the Editor:

On the afternoon of November 8th, I lost my wallet in Williamstown. I made my way despondently home, where I found to my intense happiness that the wallet had preceded me, a bit battered but nothing missing. For this, I am indebted to two kind people who rescued it from the road and returned it to my husband. I don’t know who they are, only that they drive a black SUV with Vermont plates and went out of their way to do a good deed. I am so grateful to them and would like to say “Many, many thanks” and I wish I could say this in person.

Judith Summers,

Williamstown, Mass.


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