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To the Editor:

Day after day (with not much to do), l immerse in the news (which isn't too smart). I thought l'd feel better when we voted "JOE" but the ongoing state of affairs breaks my heart.

Joe bested Trump by nearly 6 million (the difference for which there should be no dispute), but millions of Trumpers refute the results, claiming the numbers just do not compute ...

Ten million more than in 2016 voted "TRUMP" (a turnout we didn't expect). And though Joe soundly beat him by 6 million votes, we yet are denied the entitled effect.

In the run-off, in Georgia, if Democrats win, Harris would then get to break any tie. To affect his agenda, Joe needs the Senate (a result Mitch McConnell surely hopes to deny).

How can it be that we're on shaky ground, that Trump and his party refuse to concede. Seventy-three and a half million votes (in his mind) defends — absolutely! — Trump's plan to impede.

"Biden Beats Trump" seemed a bridge way too far, and now that he has, we're not sure what that means. 01.20.21 feels as distant today as November in '20 felt in 2016 ...

Susan Leach,



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