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To the Editor:

You and I may have our differences, but it would never really occur to me to tell you what to think or that your opinion is wrong if you really believe in it. We all have to think for ourselves based on all the facts in the world and come up with our own opinions and decisions. No one person is ever always right or has all the answers. Life is not that simple.

It's hard not be worried when we see so many people being told by one person or a few others to ignore facts/news from all sources other than their own because everyone else’s version of the world is made up. The news sources that we’ve all relied upon for years, that our parents relied on and their parents before them, they are all suddenly lying now, all of them, constantly?

That fact, that "the whole world is lying except for me" is the biggest lie of all. And if we fall into that trap, that’s what’s come to be known as "drinking the Kool- Aid." That expression goes back to the cult leader Jim Jones and his hundreds of followers who believed everything he said up to and including drinking the cyanide-laced Kool-Aid that he gave them. Over 900 people followed him to their own deaths because… that's what he told them to do.

When someone tells you "don't listen to everyone else ever because they're always lying," it's usually a bad sign. We all need to look, listen, think and decide for ourselves. We may not agree on every detail of immigration policy or policing issues, etc. but if we do disagree, wouldn't it be best if we actually had listened to all the opinions or facts before making up our minds?

Jonathan Fine,



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