Alexander Mahar

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I was fortunate to meet the Mahar family early in my 30-plus years in Bennington. Though it took a while, the process was an evolving experience of welcoming grace over several years. It continues to this day, with his grandchildren emerging as real friends with real contributions to the world. This is all to be expected thanks to the examples set by Alex and Marilyn Mahar over the three generations they have overseen.

Now, we look to comfort the family in the loss of Alex as he did for so many families for so long. Alex Mahar ran a business the way we hope to run our families. He supported everything he could and he used his talents to build a better community. Alex was an accomplished golfer, but you’d never hear it from him. Instead, he used his golfing knowledge and connections to build the biggest fundraiser in town in ‘The Hospice Tournament.’ For years the Mahar family would rally together under his guidance to help launch what has since become a major regional asset in the VNA and Hospice. Alex’s early understanding of the importance of the Hospice services was instrumental in bringing peace to so many families in difficult times.

This is the Alex Mahar I know and remember every day I walk on a golf course, and every time I am asked to support a great organization.

Alex has made me a better business owner and has made Bennington a better place for all of us. Thank you, Alex, and thank you to all of the family. Our love and thoughts are with you as we celebrate the life of a true Bennington role model. Long live Alex Mahar.

Greg Van Houten


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I am writing this letter to raise awareness and bring attention to the overwhelming issue of plastic pollution that we are all facing today.

Plastic waste is piling up in massive amounts all over the world, and while we mostly focus on this aspect of the issue, there are so many more harms done to us and to our planet through the use and disposal of plastic products. Some of the most critical environmental impacts of plastics have come from the creation of the material through the extraction of fossil fuels, which contaminates soil and pollutes both the air and water and can even create the risk of earthquakes. Toxic chemicals are released into the environment through the extraction process, which affect not only the health of our environment but the health of people living near these extraction and processing sites. These toxins can cause harmful and often life-threatening health conditions. Exposure to Styrene and other dangerous chemicals used in the extraction and manufacturing of plastic, causes heath issues for anyone exposed.

Please have conversations about these issues with people you know and start researching plastic alternative products that you can incorporate into your daily lives to replace one-time use plastic products. Some examples of these alternatives are steel straws, plastic-free detergent sheets, and stainless-steel water bottles or mason jars. This problem being fixed starts with education and conversation moving into personal action and finally the collective action of the community.

Sachiko Cooper da Silva



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