A man visits a town and there’s something about it he falls in love with. He has an eye for architecture, yes, and an interest in history, but what unfolds is his intense interest in the people of this green valley. He wants to hear and tell their stories.

A few years ago at the end of yoga class my teacher brought her hands together in front of her, fingers pointing upward as in prayer. She bowed to us and said. “Namaste”. Everyone else returned the blessing. Everyone except me. I had no idea what she was doing, and it felt threatening. Then …

Who’s spying on you? How do they do that? What are they hoping to accomplish? How can you stop them (or at least construct roadblocks)? We can begin with the easier, more understandable threats. They have been discussed and we have been warned about them for decades.

President Joe Biden is a tough man to vilify. Maybe it’s the grandfatherly vibe or the down-to-earth speaking style or all that talk of compassion and healing. Whatever the reason, Republicans have had little success thus far convincing Americans — beyond the alternative-reality MAGAverse, o…

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To the Editor: I think you should let us have green days every day so we can recycle more. And I think we should all pitch in and when someone…

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