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Joe Benning: Waking up Years ago, as a freshman in college, I decided to become a radio disc jockey. Getting paid all day to play music seemed like a dream job. There was just one obstacle. Back then you had to have a …
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To the Editor: If you have been listening to President Trump or watching Fox News, you've been misled that COVID-19 is under control in the U.S. This is not a hoax by the Democrats or anyone else … more
To the Editor: It is reasonable to expect a select board to prioritize the health and well-being of the town's citizens. It is also reasonable to respect experts' recommendations when making … more
To the Editor: Supermarkets are one of the best places to find COVID-19. They are losing business due to people's fears. Masks would help in crowds, but ignorant people refuse to mask. Local … more
To the Editor: Good news: The Civil Rights suit from the 2013 traffic stop has finally been settled. The IACP's 25 recommendations have been accepted by the selectmen and are moving forward. And … more
To the Editor: At our southern borders, Donald Trump separates little children from their parents, and confines them to sub-par facilities where several die. He ignores, dismisses, and refuses to … more
To the Editor: I have lived in Vermont for the last ten years. As a retired educator, I selected to come to Vermont for the beauty and relaxing way of life. I continued my career as the high … more
With the ongoing concerns over all-terrain vehicle riding on Pownal roads, I find myself concerned over the excessive letter writing, Facebook comments, social media, letters to editors and to the … more
Titans in the movie industry would like to believe that their product is capable of changing lives. Maybe "influencing" would be a more appropriate word. But, before I go and ascribe some … more
The pressure is on, in Washington and Montpelier, to take far-reaching (and long overdue) action to insofar as possible prevent future police-citizen interactions of the sort that led to the death of … more
Summer is synonymous with creemees, and well-timed ones at that: June is not only the beginning of summer, it is also National Dairy Month. This annual tribute recognizes an industry that has … more

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