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Letter: Vote Bisson, Rawling, Harris for Pownal Select Board To the Editor: As a lifelong Vermonter, I know what values are important to me when voting — trust, integrity and transparency. As a Pownal resident, I am passionate about voting for …
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To the Editor: I would gladly support this tax if the select board would promise that the 1 percent tax would go 100 percent towards reducing property taxes, but they can't seem to make a decision … more
To the Editor: I am writing to encourage Bennington voters to give their support to Tom Haley in the March 3 election for the Bennington Select Board. Tom is a bright, energetic and compassionate … more
To the Editor: One of my favorite quotes is from Archbishop Dom Helder Camara. He said: "When I give food to the poor they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food they call me a … more
To the Editor: In Pownal, there have been months of wrangling between a group of people who "jokingly" referred to themselves as "a machine," and a group of concerned citizens who have been … more
To the Editor: Why vote to pay at 10 times the cost for less service? Vote NO on Article 30 and vote Crystal Gardner (3-year auditor), Tom Lenkowski (2-year auditor) and write-in candidate Jim … more
To the Editor: I am John Bushee, a citizen of Pownal who has been lied about, called multiple names, harassed and discriminated against all because I have a different opinion about Pownal citizen … more
To the Editor: One-million-plus dollars! That is the amount potentially available for our community on an annual basis if we adopt a 1 percent local sales tax on taxable goods and services … more
To the Editor: Bravo to Tony Marro for writing such a clear and articulate clarification of the situation surrounding Eric Peterson's resignation from the Oldcastle Theater's enterprise. So … more
To the Editor: I would like to share a couple of comments with regard to the Pownal Selectboard discussion about the Economic Development Committee and the gift of the Discover Pownal materials. … more
To the Editor: As a long-time newspaper editor and also a beekeeper I've managed to develop a rather thick skin, so I'm not bothered by Ralph Hammann's claims in his letter to the Banner that as … more

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