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Marcus Lorensen, 18

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BENNINGTON — A Bennington teen, who was shot Saturday night after allegedly threatening to kill people with a knife, pleaded not guilty Monday to second degree attempted murder.

According to police, the incident began when two residents at a home on Pleasant Street got into an altercation that eventually involved their neighbors. A man and woman were in a heated argument when Marcus Lorsensen, 18, stepped in to defend the woman. Lorsensen joined the verbal argument, but then punched a girl — who had also become involved in the situation — in the face. He then retreated back into his apartment to grab a knife, where he came face to face with another resident, a juvenile.

He asked the juvenile where his knife was and allegedly said, “If you intervene, I will kill you. Then, I will kill your dad.” Lorsensen left the building with a knife and began to chase the girl, police said.

Failing to catch the girl, he then returned to the man involved in the initial argument, who had walked across the street to speak with two neighbors. One of the neighbors threatened to beat up Lorensen for hitting a girl. The other told Lorensen he was carrying a weapon.

Lorensen allegedly ran at the three men, knife in hand, yelling, “I’ll cut you.” The first man ran across the street back into his building; one neighbor also retreated back into his home. The second neighbor, Joseph Botz, pulled out his 22 caliber semi-automatic pistol and shot Lorensen in the chest.

Wounded, Lorensen ran across the street after the first man and tried to follow him into the building. As the man held the door closed to protect himself, Lorensen stabbed the knife into the glass door several times in an attempt to gain entry. The police officer who responded to the scene could see the chips in the glass from the tip of the knife.

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Lorensen continued to stab the door until he saw police lights. He then ran around the building and dropped the knife, which was later found by the police.

At about 11:20 p.m., the police arrived. Despite the bullet wound, Lorensen was still awake and speaking. He was taken to Albany Medical Center. The bullet was not removed, and he was discharged from the hospital.

According to the medical center, the wound was minor. When Lorensen was asked if he was okay, he said something like, “It was just a tickle.”

Lorensen was asked to come to the Bennington Police Station. There, he was put under arrest for 2nd degree attempted murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault with a weapon.

He was arraigned Monday in Bennington Superior Court and is being held without bail. He pleaded not guilty to all three charges.

Botz, based on the accounts in court documents, cooperated with the police. He was released to his residence. His part in the incident is still under investigation.


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