Proposed tax rates for fiscal 2023

This chart shows education property tax rates for fiscal 2022 and proposed rates for fiscal 2023 in the Taconic & Green Regional School District. 

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MANCHESTER — The Taconic & Green Regional School District passed a $34.1 million fiscal year 2023 budget on Tuesday night, deciding to save rather its general fund surplus for future needs rather than apply it to the budget.

The board passed a budget of $34,133,626 – a 2.70 percent increase from the previous year. This includes an approved tuition rate of $17,300.

The tax rate has been adjusted due to education spending and reduction in revenue. The adjusted equalized tax rate is $1.476 – a .08 cent decrease from the current year rate of $1.556. This amount fluctuates based on Common Level of Appraisal (CLA), which have been declining in some towns. A drop in CLA’s will increase the town’s tax rate. By lowering education spending, the tax rate would drop by a penny.

Towns that will see tax rate increases include Dorset ($0.098), Danby ($0.047) Peru ($0.122) and Sunderland ($0.27). Sunderland had set aside money before the Act 46 merger that formed the Taconic and Green to limit its education property tax rate growth for four years, and its rate increase for fiscal 2023 comes as a result of that program ending.

Rate decreases are set for Landgrove ($0.050), Londonderry ($0.036), Manchester ($0.039), Mount Tabor ($0.052) and Weston ($0.51).

Board member Lindsay Ralph of Danby noted the town is currently undergoing a property tax reassessment and asked how that will impact residents in conjunction with a tax rate increase.

“A lot of people are going to start seeing reassessments on their properties and now we’re doing a tax increase,” she said. “We’re going to have people who are not at the same income level as Dorset, or Manchester or Londonderry or Landgrove who are getting property reassessments and now an increase in the tax rate.”

“I’m a little hesitant that [increase] will go over well when we’re going to be doing that ... that’s going to be a major thing,” Ralph said. “It’s going to make some people weary of approving the budget. ... I just wanted to put that out there so other people can have that in the back of their mind too.”

Several board members acknowledged that even if the tax rate increases from Danby’s town-wide reassessment, it won’t go into effect at the same time as the school district’s proposed tax rate. It will make an impact the following year allowing the costs to level out, they said.

“The recommended increase in the property yield alone decreases the tax rate by 21 cents. No change in the yield would produce a tax rate of $1.687. The tax rate decline is reduced from 10 cents to 8 cents as FY22 was the last year to apply the Act 46 incentive,” according to the projected tax rate sheet in the agenda packet from the board meeting.

The board passed the fiscal 2023 budget without dipping into its general fund surplus.

“Looking at the budget and looking at the rates, I think the administration and everyone involved making decisions about the budget did a wonderful job,” board member Jeff Wilson said. “I think we’re coming out of the right place. That it makes sense this year. The state is increasing the yield dramatically.”

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“I’d be careful about using any surplus. Or any at all because we may need that down the road,” Wilson said. “I think we’ll need to make some challenging decisions in Fiscal Year ‘24 and Fiscal Year ‘25. I would go with the proposal as is and not use the surplus.”

“If we say we’re going to be a forward looking board then we really have to look ahead at possible risks and save our money,” board member Debra Lyneis said.

Two warnings were passed regarding the annual meeting in-person on February 22 and a public informational hearing on the same date via zoom. The in-person meeting will take place in the gymnasium of the Currier Memorial School in Danby at 7 p.m. to consider and act upon 15 articles. Seven will be acted upon on February 22; the remainder will be voted upon by Australian ballot on Town Meeting Day, Tuesday March 1.

Articles one through seven include electing a moderator, clerk and treasurer to serve from July 1 to June 30, 2022, and setting the time and place of the 2023 annual meeting.

Articles that will be voted upon by Australian ballot include:

• The proposed fiscal 2023 budget of $34,133,626.

• A proposed 2022-23 “sending town” tuition rate of $19,200 for Burr and Burton Academy, an increase of 3.84 percent over the 2021-22 rate of $18,490.

• The transfer of $990,159 in general fund surplus to the Tax Stabilization Reserve Fund.

• Reserve fund allocations of $250,000 for buildings and grounds, $125,000 for buses, and $50,000 for technology equipment ‘

Officer and school director positions will also be voted on, in addition to hiring a director for Manchester, and four at-large directors from any of the district’s four largest towns – Danby, Dorset, Londonderry and Manchester.

The school board noted during the Tuesday night meeting that they will distribute reminder postcards to all residents for absentee ballot information as well as when and where the school board annual meeting will be held.

More information, including a recording of Tuesday night’s board meeting, can be found online at The Taconic and Green School District Board are scheduled to meet again for a regular meeting on February 1 at 6:30 p.m.


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