Police Raid

Christopher Arroyo-Cruz, 18, of Springfield, Mass., was granted bail Monday.

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BENNINGTON — A Massachusetts man identified as the “leader” of a group arrested during two drug raids in July was granted bail Monday at his weight of evidence hearing in Bennington Superior Court.

Christopher Arroyo- Cruz, 18, from Springfield, Mass., was granted a $100,000 bond that, if paid, will release him from jail. He was initially charged with four felonies, but one was dropped due to a lack of probable cause.

Arroyo-Cruz is still facing three felony charges: aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to traffic fentanyl, and conspiracy to sell regulated drugs.

During his arraignment in July, prosecutor Jared Bianchi said Arroyo-Cruz is “understood to be the leader of the conspiracy.” There is also a statement in court documents, from a man who was present at the raid, saying Arroyo-Cruz was allegedly “in charge” of other individuals involved in the crimes.

Arroyo-Cruz maintains his not guilty plea for the three felony charges. He was originally held without bail pending his weight of evidence hearing. The hearing occurred on Monday and was overseen by Judge Cortland Corsones.

This case is in connection with two simultaneous police raids on July 14, with {span}Bennington Police and several other law enforcement agencies, including the Manchester Police Department, hitting apartments on opposite sides of town. The raids on properties on{/span} McCall and Beech streets lead to the arrest of eight people and the collection of firearms, fentanyl, cash and more. Other cases related to the raids are still unfolding.


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