Isaac Evans-Frantz

Isaac Evans-Frantz, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate

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Isaac Evans-Frantz, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate

We are in a time of crisis. Many of us cannot afford decent health care, housing, or child care. The climate emergency, violence near and far, and other problems, have left many of us beyond stressed.

To address these challenges, we need a leader who will bring the voices of everyday Vermonters to Washington. That’s the work I’ve been doing for decades, and that’s the work I’ll do as your U.S. senator.

I was born and raised in Brattleboro, where my father was a bookstore clerk and my mother cleaned houses and cared for children. I grew up with the Vermont tradition of caring for our neighbors – a tradition we should continue.

As a gay man from a low-income family, my concern for the rights and well-being of others is personal. Organizing for justice is a focus of my life.

I built, led, and supported coalitions that:

Established student seats on the Vermont State Board of Education (Gov. Dean later appointed me to the board);

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Lifted barriers to growing Vermont’s dental workforce;

Achieved Congress’ passage of a bipartisan bill to stop U.S. support of the ongoing Saudi war in Yemen; and

Secured $650 billion in global COVID relief for 190 countries last summer – including $2.7 billion for Ukraine – without costing U.S. taxpayers a dime.

When it comes to many current policy issues, my opponent Peter Welch and I agree. But we strongly differ on how to restore voters’ confidence.

I’m concerned that Welch took massive amounts of corporate PAC money for the majority of his time in Congress. I’m disappointed that only after he was confronted by the press did he change his position on: corporate PAC money (VTDigger, April 2022); the trading of individual stocks by members of Congress (Business Insider, July 2022); and a bill he championed that made it easier for prescription drugs to be diverted to the black market (Valley News, May 2018). I’m frustrated that he has dodged key questions during our debates, including about the favors he has done for big pharma and weapons manufacturers. I’m disheartened that he has already spent over $1.7 million on this race — against me, a fellow Democrat.

I’m the candidate who will never take a single penny in corporate PAC money. I’m the candidate that won’t use my position for personal gain, that won’t trade stocks as your senator. I’m the candidate that will put the concerns of everyday Vermonters ahead of everything else, and my door will always be open to you.

We need a new generation of leadership that will restore people’s confidence in our government — so we can win the victories we need to thrive. As a historically Democratic state, whoever wins the August 9th Democratic Primary is a likely shoo-in come November. The opportunity is now to send an activist to Washington, a national coalition builder who has achieved real results, who will press for bold policies – instead of settling for business as usual.


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