Video still from a doorbell camera of suspects at stairwell of 715 Main Street right before gunfight erupted recently on Main Street.

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BENNINGTON — A doorbell video recorder across from a Bennington apartment complex on Main Street caught shadowy figures entering and leaving an apartment staircase right before a volley of bullets flew from an upstairs window, followed by the unmistakable sounds of a gunfight.

Bennington Police recovered the video from a neighboring home during an investigation into a report of a possible shooting and several individuals yelling at a cemetery near 715 Main St. just before midnight on Sept. 22. They are asking the public’s help in the case — the 17th confirmed shooting in Bennington so far this year.

The motion-sensor video recorder, given to police at the scene by a member of the community, shows three individuals loitering in the dark alley outside an external staircase leading to a landing at 715 Main Street before all three climbed up the stairs.

The video recorder is then triggered again as two individuals come down the staircase and head off in opposite directions, one toward Main Street and the other toward the Morgan Street Cemetery.

Moments later, the video shows someone shooting out of a second-floor window in that building as several rounds echo loudly in the darkness and gunshot smoke billows from the window. The initial shots are immediately followed by what sounds like multiple gunshots from several directions simultaneously.

According to Bennington Police Sgt. Jason Burnham, police were called to the scene of the possible shooting, where they located several shell casings around the area and, after a search of the apartment and cemetery, found other casings at the bottom of the staircase and a loaded firearm from the scene. Police are keeping the make and model of the recovered firearm under wraps as the investigation proceeds.

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“We believe there were several volleys of shots from inside and outside of the apartment,” said BPD Lt. Camillo Grande. “Those volleys were seconds apart.”

Police made contact with five individuals inside the rental unit at 715 Main Street, one of three apartments in the building. No apparent injuries were witnessed or reported inside the apartment in question, and, after further investigation, there were no gunshot wounds reported at any of the area hospitals within several miles of the alleged shooting.

Police spoke with the renter of the Main Street apartment, who was cooperating with the investigation. The video with the individuals was taken from a distance and at night, which does not allow for positive identification of the individuals entering and leaving the stairwell. According to Burnham, no one is currently under arrest, and there are no identified suspects as yet.

“We are continuing to work all leads on this case,” Grande said. “We are looking for assistance from anyone in the community who has information about what might have led up to this event or after that. The public is encouraged to contact Detective Burnham at the Bennington PD or anonymously on our tip-line at”

According to the BPD, this is the 17th confirmed shooting in Bennington since the beginning of the year, a far greater amount than historically has happened here. That total does not include many firearms-related incidents in town where guns were involved but not necessarily fired.


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