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Fresh strawberries for breakfast? Yes!

I swear my father would have eaten my mother's strawberry shortcake every day of his life, if she would have let him! My mother also made the most amazing strawberry pie, but only in the early summer …

Robin Anish | The Table is Set: Chia seeds are the secret ingredient in this sugar-free jam Remember Chia Pets and the catchy little jingle "Cha-ch ch-chia"? Chia Pets are terra cotta figurines that you spread with chia seeds and quickly sprouted, looking like green hair on a head or fur …
Satisfy quarantine cravings with homemade 'fast food' Last week, I had a deep yearning for Taco Bell. Back in college, when I was a strict vegetarian, Taco Bell was my fast food of choice because you can sub refried beans for basically anything on …
Margaret Button: Best part of the meal? The company ... My son and his fiancee came home this weekend — for the first time since mid-February. They were due to visit a few weeks after in March, but the state was placed in quarantine. It's been a …
When life in quarantine hands you lemons ... make delicious citrus-inspired dishes PITTSFIELD — There is almost nothing that says summer like the taste and smell of lemon. Tart, citrusy and as bright as a day in June. Members of The Eagle features department are sharing …
Robin Anish: Make your own ice cream cones I think we can all agree, nothing beats an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. But, what about making homemade ice cream and cones? The cones are as easy as baking cookies and the no-churn ice cream …
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MONTPELIER — The Dorset Theatre Festival and the Weston Playhouse Theatre are among six Vermont cultural organizations that have received $50,000 grants from the National Endowment for the Arts … more
Emira is celebrating her friend Shaunie's 26th birthday when she receives a call from Mrs. Chamberlain, the woman for whom she babysits three afternoons a week. It's late, almost 11 p.m., she's … more
MANCHESTER — After a nearly three-month-long closure due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Southern Vermont Arts Center will reopen to visitors this weekend on July 4. "Our community craves … more
It feels like we wait all year for fresh lettuce, and the window seems to close quickly. How can we maximize lettuce season? While lettuce is easy to grow, factors like temperature impact how … more
As we enter the fifth month of various stages of lockdown resulting from the appearance of a novel coronavirus in early 2020, many of us are being seriously challenged by time management. For the … more
NORTH BENNINGTON — The John G. McCullough Free Library, in partnership with at The Left Bank in North Bennington, will host its annual celebration of the career of Shirley Jackson on Saturday … more
When Caroline Cushman (1885-1985) married Townsend Wellington in 1910, her wedding was a huge social event (it was described in detail on the front page of the Bennington Banner). Marriage was not an … more
In addition to being a painter, Horace Brown was also a Vermont legislator. His love of the Green Mountain State's bucolic landscape is evidenced not only by his paintings, but also by the fact that … more
Widow Margaret Adams was not impressed with James Hicks' romantic advances. He was so angry about her refusal that he started spreading rumors about his relationship with her. She fought back with … more
MANCHESTER — This season, the peonies are still blooming in The Lincoln Family Home's gardens, making it possible for visitors to view them in the waning weeks of June. Mother Nature has a way … more

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