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BENNINGTON — A new social program for adults aged 50 and older will begin Dec. 1. The program is free to the public and is located at the Bennington Sport Center at 230 School St., the former Catamount Elementary School.

The National Institutes of Health reports that millions of older adults go to emergency rooms each year because of fall-related injuries. Treacherous walkways brought on by cold weather increase the risk of falling. And the consequences of falls can be serious. Falls cause broken bones, spin…

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MONTPELIER — Vermont is leading the country in several COVID-19 vaccination benchmarks from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including the percentage of population fully vaccinated overall, and fully vaccinated as newly eligible 5- to 11-year-olds and for most residents who ha…

Got news from the local senior center? Announcing a new tai chi class at the Council on Aging? Delivering meals to homebound folks in the region? Let Vermont News & Media know so we can shout it to the mountaintops for you. Send your Windham County senior news to; South…

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Artificial flavors have long been ingredients from which we know to steer clear, or embrace moderately at best; but natural flavors (surprisingly the fourth most common ingredient listed on food labels), have a more innocuous presence … one that makes us feel like it must be okay because it’…

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Talk about confusing! Got milk? Get milk? Don’t get milk? As nutritional information vacillates between pro- and anti-dairy, where do (potentially confused) dairy lovers stand in this dilettante romance? Kicking dairy to the curb is, for many of us, an impossibility, but for the lactose sens…

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MANCHESTER — One of the joys of writing this column is the time we spend talking with chefs. Meeting chef Sigal Rocklin at Manchester Village’s famous Reluctant Panther Inn and Restaurant was one such occasion. Sigal’s story is one we can all appreciate and admire.

Mold problems are on the rise because of the unusually high amount of rainfall this past summer, sending many homeowners scrambling to get the condition under control, local remediation experts say.

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