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“Natural flavors,” however, are anything but. In celebration of a technicality set forth by the FDA, natural flavors must contain a minimum amount of any “natural” ingredient, which could mean leaves, twigs, yeast, or another ‘naturally occurring’ substance. It does not, however, have to con…

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Talk about confusing! Got milk? Get milk? Don’t get milk? As nutritional information vacillates between pro- and anti-dairy, where do (potentially confused) dairy lovers stand in this dilettante romance? Kicking dairy to the curb is, for many of us, an impossibility, but for the lactose sens…

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MANCHESTER — One of the joys of writing this column is the time we spend talking with chefs. Meeting chef Sigal Rocklin at Manchester Village’s famous Reluctant Panther Inn and Restaurant was one such occasion. Sigal’s story is one we can all appreciate and admire.

Mold problems are on the rise because of the unusually high amount of rainfall this past summer, sending many homeowners scrambling to get the condition under control, local remediation experts say.

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Choosing which oil to cook with can certainly be a slippery slope. Which are good at low temperatures? What about high temps? Should we fry with olive oil? Which ones are healthiest? So many questions and so many promoted health benefits for each that it’s easier to throw your hands up in th…

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Even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, your local medical professionals are preparing for the 2021-2022 flu season. Here’s what you need to know to prepare for and protect yourself against the flu.

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Every spring when the first warm, sunny days of June roll around, I trick myself into thinking that summer will last forever. The sweet Southern Vermont summer is unlike any other I’ve known. My New England wintertime fierceness melts away with each dip in the river, each juicy strawberry I …

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MONTPELIER — Vermont is expanding its Pfizer vaccination booster eligibility to include people who are immunocompromised or have underlying medical conditions, Gov. Phil Scott, the Agency of Human Services and the Department of Health announced Friday.

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Daily life is as much of a roller coaster as ever these days — throw sugar cravings into the mix, and you’re suddenly upside-down, going round and round. Sweet, salty, crunchy foods, certain tastes or textures — you name it, we crave it.

There has been extensive media attention over the past week devoted to mixing of COVID-19 vaccines and booster injections. As expected, those individuals in test trials that received a mix of vaccine types or additional shots have shown no adverse events. The vaccines are safe and interchang…

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